About taxi in London

Taxis in London has always been one of the city's iconic attributes, as the need for it has appeared and is conscious residents of the city in the decades before the notion of a taxi for the first time appeared in the world. Always a great life and a boiling activity ancient city of London was the place where the opportunity to have time at your destination on time has been, at times, critical for a successful business or trade. It is for this reason that the city flourished cabs, for the first time in the world to create a union of horse cabs.

Today, without a taxi in London is impossible to imagine the modern capital of Albion. World business - center, one of the biggest commercial cities simply could not exist without a transfer, an established and quality that would meet the needs of tourists and locals. Even in spite of the high level of the bus, subway, and even river transport, taxis in London are an attribute unchanged and represents the city tour at least Big Ben and Tower Bridge.


Modern taxi in London is one of the most expensive in the world. Authorities of the capital, indignant rates of taxi drivers, passed a law limiting the maximum performance fare. At the same time, in England, the tradition comes the concept that traded on the cost of a taxi is bad form, which can not afford to gentleman or lady. What is the cost of a taxi in London?


The cost of a taxi in London

Initial rate of travel in taxis in London - 1.4 pound, after charging for every 256 meters is added 20p to reaching the limit of 8.8 pounds. In this case, the distance is not always taken into account if the taxi driver is waiting, instead of 256 meters account for 55.5 seconds. After reaching the limit of 8.8 pounds, 20 pence is added for every 37 seconds, or 170 meters, at the same time, weekend trips more expensive by 60 pence, and Christmas or New Year - 2 pounds sterling. In addition, the tradition to give a tip of 15 to 20% of the taxi fare to London is further confirmed his reputation as the most expensive in the world.


The cost of a taxi in London justified. The progress of modern technologies in the field of automobile engineering and road construction, as well as communication and navigation technology has not been spared a taxi in London party. Using modern technology has made it possible to eliminate the problems with the taxi, which were 5-10 years ago. Most important tourists and residents of the capital perceived the problem of finding a taxi at night. Even with a higher payment for their services, the taxi driver is not eager to work 24 hours a day, or haul drunken students of local schools in the city. Due to this, and also due to the need to purchase additional licenses for those providing taxi service in London and want to have the right to pick up passengers on the street, the problem of finding a taxi in the evening and night time required solutions. Modern taxi companies are able to not only direct phone call to order a car, but also previously discussed flight that saves nerves, time and money, as the taxi driver does not overpay for the license and is waiting on the specified address without having to ride across the capital.


In addition, many tourists fall in the evening in the local clubs or tasted pretty legendary Guinness, can not orient yourself and tell the operator where she was. This is compounded by the fact that many visitors to the capital of Albion do not possess basic English in order to find out the location. Modern taxi companies in London have the opportunity to connect with the customer telephone, so the motorist he found the road and drove "to the boat ramp."

What about London transportation method is most justified, on what else you can get, except for taxis?

London, as the business capital of the world and one of the most popular tourist destinations of our time require the full implementation of all the tourist service areas, ranging from transport in the city, and the last transfer on tourist routes. As a consequence, in the city, except for taxis in London developed metro and bus transport, which is a method to get in almost any area of ​​the city.


Buses in London, both conventional and double - Decker, are well-known mode of transport, which is often associated with the capital city of Albion. Bus transport has several advantages - it goes on strictly fixed schedule, and is cheaper than a taxi. In addition, the bus mode of transport in London travel cards are distributed, which has many local residents and are very convenient to use this kind of ticket can be purchased in advance.


However, it is worth noting that in recent years, road transport in the capital, as taxis in London, and personal vehicles, received the extreme spread, the streets clogged with cars of different sizes, brands and purpose to the extent that Moscow with its traffic jams seem tourist desert compared with what's going on in London. A tourist who got on the bus, have to adjust their plans not only with the speed of its movement, but also with the fact that he is likely to get stuck in traffic one way or another difficulty, in which he can stay for hours. As a result, instead of informative walk through the capital of Albion, it will consider the wall of the nearest house, can be very late for a meeting or even miss the plane.


Bus transport in London is ideal for leisurely tours and excursions, as well as for movement to the suburbs of London and other cities. During the tour the guide is more than enough time in order to tell you about the sights of the city, to give an opportunity to take photographs, and, if necessary, stop by a group of tourists liked cafe or shop. For a quick, focused and easily move from point A to point B within the city bus does not fit all.


Underground second surface and underground means of transport, except taxis in London, is the legendary London Underground. Why legendary? The number of short stories, horror stories and myths about him is enormous, the locals have come up with many intriguing stories that will envy even Stonehenge "pipe" (so-called metro residents), if the city government will not put things in order there. The essence of the city's underground problems is the lack of adequate measures for the rehabilitation of aprons, cleaning wagon complexes. Recent studies on which this radical social organizations, showed that among all the hair found on the subway seat, were both human and fur of dogs and rats, which is extremely not acceptable for public transport. This is complemented by flocks of ground birds that feed on scraps, leaves the subway, and strikes fear in impressionable tourists, flying in flocks over the wagon.


Metro in the city of London presented an extensive and relatively ancient system of ruts, which extends from the center in the most remote areas, the state carriages and ruts central subway lines are satisfactory, while as "suburbs" of the city is characterized not only dirty cars, but also a specific contingent of residents . Seasoned travelers and travel agencies that conduct tours to London are advised to either use a taxi in London, or at least to refrain from visiting the underground without an experienced guide. Not without reason, while 10 US-made horror film 8 have the eyeballs in the house with ghosts, favorite action scenes British filmmakers of this genre is the subway. In the Internet a long walk Photo of old car - a small car, which stood in the center of the long hours of traffic jams, and to which the rear window was a sign that transforms how "But