About taxi in London

Taxis in London has always been one of the city's iconic attributes, as the need for it has appeared and is conscious residents of the city in the decades before the notion of a taxi for the first time appeared in the world. Always a great life and a boiling activity ancient city of London was the place where the opportunity to have time at your destination on time has been, at times, critical for a successful business or trade. It is for this reason that the city flourished cabs, for the first time in the world to create a union of horse cabs.

Today, without a taxi in London is impossible to imagine the modern capital of Albion. World business - center, one of the biggest commercial cities simply could not exist without a transfer, an established and quality that would meet the needs of tourists and locals. Even in spite of the high level of the bus, subway, and even river transport, taxis in London are an attribute unchanged and represents the city tour at least Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

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