Modern taxi in London is one of the most expensive in the world. Authorities of the capital, indignant rates of taxi drivers, passed a law limiting the maximum performance fare. At the same time, in England, the tradition comes the concept that traded on the cost of a taxi is bad form, which can not afford to gentleman or lady. What is the cost of a taxi in London?


The cost of a taxi in London

Initial rate of travel in taxis in London - 1.4 pound, after charging for every 256 meters is added 20p to reaching the limit of 8.8 pounds. In this case, the distance is not always taken into account if the taxi driver is waiting, instead of 256 meters account for 55.5 seconds. After reaching the limit of 8.8 pounds, 20 pence is added for every 37 seconds, or 170 meters, at the same time, weekend trips more expensive by 60 pence, and Christmas or New Year - 2 pounds sterling. In addition, the tradition to give a tip of 15 to 20% of the taxi fare to London is further confirmed his reputation as the most expensive in the world.


The cost of a taxi in London justified. The progress of modern technologies in the field of automobile engineering and road construction, as well as communication and navigation technology has not been spared a taxi in London party. Using modern technology has made it possible to eliminate the problems with the taxi, which were 5-10 years ago. Most important tourists and residents of the capital perceived the problem of finding a taxi at night. Even with a higher payment for their services, the taxi driver is not eager to work 24 hours a day, or haul drunken students of local schools in the city. Due to this, and also due to the need to purchase additional licenses for those providing taxi service in London and want to have the right to pick up passengers on the street, the problem of finding a taxi in the evening and night time required solutions. Modern taxi companies are able to not only direct phone call to order a car, but also previously discussed flight that saves nerves, time and money, as the taxi driver does not overpay for the license and is waiting on the specified address without having to ride across the capital.


In addition, many tourists fall in the evening in the local clubs or tasted pretty legendary Guinness, can not orient yourself and tell the operator where she was. This is compounded by the fact that many visitors to the capital of Albion do not possess basic English in order to find out the location. Modern taxi companies in London have the opportunity to connect with the customer telephone, so the motorist he found the road and drove "to the boat ramp."

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