+44 744 8008 507

 +44 744 8008 507


Our main office is located in London, so all our employees, including operators and drivers, are very familiar with the city and its surroundings. We know every street in London therefore we quickly arrive anywhere in the city to drive you to the right address.

«Taxi City» is the safest and fastest way to travel in the UK, especially if you value your time and love to travel in comfort. We understand how important a high quality service and availability is for you, therefore, we have done everything possible so that you can contact us in any convenient way, 24 hours a week.

To order a taxi in London you need to call +44 744 8008 507. The operators will help you to choose the brand of the car, will calculate the time of arrival and will make a route of the transportation through the city. You can leave any wishes, and we will fulfill them. For example, let us know if you want to go to a shop or visit the main attractions, if you need to install the child seat or buy CDs with your favorite music. We will select the most comfortable car, depending on your preferences, the number of passengers and your destination address.

The managers of our company will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the order; they will offer the best route and will clarify the basic requirements to the car and service. The car will arrive exactly on time, and the driver will wait for you, holding a sign.

You can either send us an email, or you can find us on social networks and write a message on our Facebook group regarding all kinds of things such as: reservation issues, invoices, payments, requests and others.

You can call a taxi from London to Heathrow, using the order form on the website. Fill in the required fields and we will send a premium car to meet you, your family or business partners.

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